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Bengt and Ingrid's Children

The children of Bengt Petter Larsson Hippias and Ingrid Johansdotter are

Jöns Petter b. June 10, 1860, before their marriage
Carl Emil Wilhelm, b. May 4, 1865
Aron, b. August 4, 1866, dies April 2, 1869
Aron, b. May 5, 1869, 1 month after his brother with the same name dies

All three brothers come to America. Carl (whose name becomes Charles) and Aron (whose name becomes Aaron Calin) live in Rhode Island. Jöns goes to Worcester, Massachusetts.

Bengt and Ingrid's Marriage

Bengt Petter Larsson and Ingrid Johansdotter were married July 27, 1860, Västa Karup, Kristianstad, Sweden. She was from Svensköp, born in 1833, and this is her first marriage. She has had baby Jons Petter (my ancestor John Peter Benson)on June 10, 1860. Bengt was the father.

Bengt was from Eletorp, born in 1822, and this is his second marriage.

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Hippias Surname

Bengt Petter Larsson added to his name Hippias. He may have done this because there was another person living in the same area with the same name. Or he decided he wanted that surname. Before 1901 anyone could tell the priest they wanted a new name and as long as it was not a noble name, that became your surname.

There was a Hippias who was a tyrant in Athens, in the 6th century BC and another Hippias was a contempory of Socrates in the 5th century BC.

His sons took the surname of Hippias as well as his second wife Ingrid Johansson.

Bent Petter Larsson's First Wife

Bengt's first wife was Kersti Persdotter. They had the following five children:

Lars Petter b. November 26, 1843
Botilda b. June 12, 1848
Nils Peter b. July 21, 1849
Paulus b. November 4, 1851
Christina b. April 3, 1854

All the children were born in Västa Karup, Kristianstad, Sweden.

On a household examination record Lars Petter is listed with his prison sentences. On another household examination record Paulus served 18 months for theft.

Kersti Persdotter died August 16, 1854.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

John Benson in Swedish Census 1890 and 1900

I find Jöns, his wife Thilda and son Julius in the census for Sweden in 1890 and 1900. This may mean he didn't come to the United States until after 1900. He married Selma Antonsson on Dec. 20, 1904.

Jöns is listed in both censuses as a farmhand (jordkruksarbetare). Before I was looking for John not Jöns so I couldn't find him. The images from the 1900 census are below. The family lives in Boarp. The images from the 1890 census look the same except the family lives in Svenstad.

John Benson's First Wife

From the household examination record I see John Benson moved to page 1030 in 85 (1885). Bringing up that record shows his wife Thilda Svensson and son Julius Teodor.

There are some notes to the right. I joined the SWEDEN mailing list where many wonderful people help you with translations and other things that pertain to Swedish genealogy. The response I get back about the notes is:

Lodger Jöns Beter Bengtsson's remark: belongs to year 1887 7th class of

conscripts. Certificate to America the 26th Mar(?) 1888(?).

It looks like this was written over some other remark.

This makes sense to me that he came to America in 1888 because I can't find him in the 1890 Swedish census.

I had to know if this was really his child and wife. So I look up the records and find he is the father of Julius and the husband of Thilda.

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Next I look for his wife and child in the census for the United States and Sweden.

Household Examination with child John Benson

I contacted the Genline translation service and here's what I received. First the translation of the 1874- 1884 years. It has Janne Wilh. Johansson as illegitimate before marriage. That would be a son born to Ingrid before she married Bengt. Another illegitimate child was born slightly under two years of Bengt's death. That child is Hilda Paulina who died just before her sixth birthday. John and his brother Charles (Carl) are sailors.

Here are the details:

GID: 1723.55.63900

Västra Karup parish Household record AI:22 1874-1884 page 433


Born Born in Married/ Vaccinate Came Moved

Name Date Parish Widowed Smallpox from year to

Ingrid Johansd. Hippias E.* 32 21/11 Karup 72 15/2 v

B-Janne Wilh. Johansson 56 24/3 ibm illegitimate before mariage

Carolina Bengtsd- 58 5/6 Engelholm 6/12 -75

Jöns Peter Sjöm.* 60 10/6 certificate sailor 16/2 -77

Carl Ernst Wilh. 63 4/5 workingcertificate 22/3 –79 p.822

Aron 69 26/5

Hilda Paulina 73 22/12 Dead 9/3 –79 illegitimate besause mother is widow

Carolina Bengtsd- 58 5/6 Engelholm 3/11-76 Helsingb.28/2-81

Carl Ernst Wilh. Sjöm. 63 4/5 p. 822 -81 sailorcertif. 9/3-81

Carolina Bengtsd- 58 5/6 Helsingb. 7/4 –81 Danmark 25/11-81

Nils Pet. Hippias Sjöm. 4927/7

Paulus Hippias Arb.* 51 4/11 N.Vram 24/11-74

Paulus Hippias Arb. 51 4/11 Ut. Sed. 11/11-80

B-*: Barn = Child (children)

E*: Änka = Widow

Sjöm.* :Sailor

Arb.* : Worker

Under character and private notes: (Fräjd och enskilda anteckningar)

Paulus Hippias : Sentenced for theft to 18 month Fortification. Ended (discharge) 7/5 –69. The certification was written by Bengt Pet. Nilsson in Hovs parish. Paulus went 1875 to Kopenhagen and came back here in Jan. 1880.

Next the translation of the image of 1884-1894. There John and Charles (Carl) are sailors and Aron is a solider. The moved to field for John and Janne have page numbers. John is found on page 1038, moving there in 1885.

Here are the details:


Västra Karup parish Household record AI:25 1884-1894 page 451


Born Born in Married/ Vaccinate Came Moved

Name Date Parish Widowed Smallpox from year to

E.* Ingrid Johansd.Hippias 32 21/11 Karup 72 15/2 v

B-* Janne Wilh. Johansson 56 24/3 ibm* p. 449 85

Jöns Peter Sailor 60 10/6 ibm p. 1038 85

Aron Bengtsson Calin 69 26/5 ibm Calin was soldier Nr.8 10/1890 Amerika 8/4 92

CarlErnst Wilh. Sailor 63 4/5 ibm From 1887 belongs to 4:th soldier

Nils Peter Hippias 49 27/7 ibm 2(?) Ö.Läng 90

Paulus Hippias 51 4/11 ibm Sentenced for theft to 18 month

Fortification. Ended 7/5 –69 Dead 16 Febr. 1887

ibm* is mostly written in the househ. Records and means that it is at the same place as written above in this case, read, born in Karup.